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If you’re looking for a packaging and print partner that uses its best in-class technology and award-winning designers to create unique, custom branded retail packaging, then you’ve come to the right place. GoldLeaf Packaging is your one stop shop for child proof boxes, custom labels that can be applied to pop top doob tubes, tinctures and more, accessories like grinders and dugouts, swag and promotional items, and branding that ties it all together.
Whether your order is large or small, GoldLeaf Packaging has a solution for you. Our online shop is perfect for those standard items with low MOQ customizing options. Our procurement resources are perfect for those ongoing projects. We can help you design, source, produce, and inventory all your packaging products. Under one roof and one platform for processing. Let our amazing sales staff and award-winning designers tell you more!!


At GoldLeaf, we take the guess work out of packaging. The products below have been sourced and developed specifically for your market. Feel free to browse, order, or reach out to us with any questions.


Child proof packaging is increasing in popularity and the laws vary depending on your state's legalities. Whether it’s required by your state, or you want to get ahead of the curve, our team of experts at GoldLeaf Packaging have sustainable options, and various sizes of boxes, pop top doob tubes and jars all that can be customized with raised foils and varnishes or holographic labels. The special CR pincher can fit any box height including all tincture, pre-roll, and concentrate boxes. Add windows to give your customers a peek at your product from the shelf.

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At GoldLeaf Packaging we offer our customers branded labels that can be printed on a roll or sheet, plus automated label application. There’s no reason for you to spend your time tediously applying labels to your jars, tubes and other packaging- we have a machine that can do it for you so you can focus on your operation. Our sheet label printing process uses revolutionary technology that allows us to print raised foil and varnish, creating a texture that sets your product apart on shelves.



GoldLeaf Packaging offers a variety of glass jar sizes, pop top doob tube colors, pre-roll containers, tincture bottles, and concentrate jars. Whether you have your logo and branding designed, or need help creating stand-out custom packaging, we have the digital print technology and on demand ordering to meet your needs. Add a holographic label, tamper evident seal or compliance label. This let’s your customers know they are getting a safe and authentic product.



All GoldLeaf Packaging products are created using the best in digital print technology so you’re able to include your logo on accessories, like pre-rolls and grinders. There is not a better marketing tactic than customers using products with your logo on it. It’s like a free advertisement! Rolling trays, lighters, grinders, grinder cards, and dugouts are all available in a variety of options. You can even put your logo on a pre-roll.



GoldLeaf Packaging strives to provide you with a premium swag and merchandise, with access to thousands of promotional products and merchandise. Your logo on the right promotional product or piece of merchandise is like marketing magic. Create moments that matter by sending a swag bag to your top fans with your branding and logo that includes things like drinkware, apparel like shirts and hats, bags and totes, and stationary.


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